Friday, May 28, 2021

TOP’s Commitment to Continuous Detergent Technology Innovation Delivers Breakthrough 99.9% Virus Removal In Time for Pandemic Recovery


The COVID-19 pandemic is still with us. While the immunisation roll-out is progressing, Malaysians are responding responsibly to the government’s call to protect self, to protect all by taking precautions to bring down transmission of the COVID-19 virus.
While staying home, practising physical distancing, usage of face masks, hand washing or sanitising, and temperature checks are part of our new norm, Malaysians in the spirit of #kitajagakita have embraced TOP’s latest detergent technology innovation that is proven to remove 99.9% of viruses including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, and Influenza A[1].
Social media posts with the hashtag (#TOPcaresforYOU #TOPsayangisemua #TOPneversettles) have inundated feeds as people who have headed back to work, to school and out of their homes share their spin on the new norm by laundering with TOP’s anti-virus detergent to protect those who are staying home.
TOP, the No 1[2] detergent brand in Total Malaysia, introduced TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech™ as a direct response to consumer insights on concerns that the deadly virus could still cling on to laundered clothes, posing a risk to their loved ones. TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech can remove 99.9% of viruses, not just bacteria.
TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech with Lion Japan’s Anti-Microbial Tech deploys next generation detergent technology that effectively removes 99.9% of harmful viruses (SARS-CoV-2, commonly known as COVID-19 & Influenza A) and bacteria. This specially curated multi-tech formulation works immediately upon contact by locking the viruses & bacteria, then removing them off clothes with one powerful wash.
TOP’s Advanced Micro-Clean Tech builds on the strength of existing formulation that comes with all the functionality that TOP is famed for including its anti-sebum, anti-malodour, anti-mite dust, added with the assurance that it removes 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria for optimum protection that  cleans deeply by penetrating into each fibre core to dislodge trapped invisible stains such as dirt, sebum and sweat, preventing them from redepositing onto laundry, keeping it really clean every time.  Your clothes will smell fresher for longer and remain hygienically clean.
TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech with Anti-Microbial Tech is launched just in time as those who head out desire the peace-of-mind that they have taken steps to reduce the risks of inadvertently spreading the virus to their loved ones and community.
According to Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Senior General Manager, Ms Carmen Foo, Malaysian consumers have wisely selected TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech for its 99.9% anti-virus removal functionality, that can remove the COVID-19 virus from fabrics, a responsible choice for themselves, their families and their community.  This formulation has been tested via independent lab in Japan and is proven to effectively remove up to 99.9% of virus especially COVID-19 & Influenza A.
Even before the pandemic, Lion Corporation of Japan had been researching anti-virus detergent technology to give our users a more hygienically lifestyle. We introduced this innovative and essential detergent technology to Malaysia only after exhaustive formula development to ensure it works against viruses, and the SARS-CoV-2 virus in particular. Malaysians appreciated our innovative product offering as it is relevant to our new normal, and gives them greater peace of mind. For TOP, we are glad to do our part as part of #kitajagakita by providing this innovative detergent range.”
“Consumers’ trust and confidence have propelled TOP to be the number one detergent brand in Malaysia for many years. Our thanks to them is through our commitment to continuously innovate based on consumer insights with the objective of making their lives and lifestyles better and more hygienically clean,” Ms Foo explained.
“We are proud to be empowering Malaysians from the community level to be aware and to care through TOP’s breakthrough innovation. Each of us can play an important part by taking small steps such as using face masks, sanitising hands and washing our clothes with a detergent that can remove the virus.”
“Since I have been back at work, I have been worried that I may have brought the virus back with me on my clothes as my mother lives with us. We need to be careful. When I saw that TOP could remove 99.9% of viruses including COVID-19, I got it immediately for my family. Our routine when we get home is to remove used clothes, put them in a laundry basket with a close-fitting cover, and have a shower. We do laundry every evening to reduce the risk of transmission. I feel happy to use TOP because it can remove 99.9% of viruses,” said Wenny Soong, a hairstylist and mother of two.
Muhammad Syahidee, a delivery driver felt it was his responsibility to use a detergent that could remove 99.9% of viruses and bacteria as his effort to reduce the risk of transmission.
“Before the pandemic I didn’t know the difference between virus and bacteria. I was anxious as I may inadvertently spread the disease to my family, friends, customers & co-workers as I am a frontliner. I found that TOP removes 99.9% of viruses including the COVID-19 from my clothes, and this gives me assurance and peace of mind.  It is the responsibility of every one of us to safeguard the health of all of us. It’s #kitajagakita. I’m extra careful about cleanliness and hygiene even more now than before. None of us should be a super-spreader,” he explained.
For long time loyal TOP user, Syakirah Yusof the new TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech 99.9% Antivirus range is timely.
“My parents use TOP, and I use TOP for many years too as their anti-malodour and anti-sebum function help tremendously for sweaty laundry that is dried indoors. I’m glad that all the functions I love about TOP detergent are still in the new detergent that removes 99.9% of viruses including those cause COVID-19. TOP really cleans deeply and well, both visible and invisible stains and I can feel it. I love the fragrance of laundry washed with TOP,” said Syakirah, a lawyer.
The new TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech 99.9% Antivirus is in powder, liquid and low suds for your detergent preference.  Consumers can reap the benefits of the existing TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech in their laundry, which is available in TOP Powder detergent of Super White, Super Colour, Super Hygienic, Blooming Freshness and Silky Miracle. For TOP Liquid range consumers, they can opt for its extensive range of Brilliant Clean, Colour Protect, Odour Buster, Stain Buster, Blooming Pleasures and Silky Miracle. TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech is also available in Super Low Suds and Super Low Suds Blooming Garden (powder) and Smart Clean Liquid in Low Suds Formula that are specially developed for front loading washing machines, for a gently efficient and effective wash. TOP detergents are available at retailers, nationwide and online via the Shopee Official Store and LazMall.
To find out more please visit or call customer care line at 1800-88-0133. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Who doesn’t love a 2-in-1 cleaning tool?

Regular cleaning of your home is actually beneficial for you and your family as it prevents the build-up of dust and other allergens which may trigger allergies or breathing problems. Now that many of us are also operating from home, a clean workspace makes for a conducive working environment. 

Yet, many find it a challenge to clean their homes regularly and often put off this task until they have a good enough reason to do so, although with the right tools, housekeeping can be a breeze. Check out Dibea’slatest cordless vacuum mop, the G20 Mini that will get the job done, saving you time and energy. 

The G20 Mini model is Dibea’s first cordless vacuum mop that is equipped with a Smart LED screen which displays the battery level, the suction mode (strong or low) and alerts you if the vacuum is overheated or requires cleaning. With 20,000 Pa suction power capability, built-in LED lights at the head brush as well as the vacuum and mop function, now you can spend less time on your daily cleaning. 

Its lightweight body of less than one kilogram means you do not have to lug it around your home, and the different vacuum nozzles allow you to target every nook and cranny effortlessly. The large battery capacity of 2600mAh gives you 50 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time to get rid of all that dust, dirt, food crumbs from your living room, bedrooms, dining area, furniture and even laptops. 

Starting today, the G20 Mini will be available exclusively on Shopee with a price tag of RM1059. To celebrate the launch of the G20 Mini, Dibea is treating Shopee users to a one-day sale where the G20 Mini vacuum cleaner will be priced at RM899 during Shocking Sale throughout 27 May.    

On top of that, Dibea will be hosting a ‘Comment & Win’ contest which will run till 6 June. For those interested to participate, just follow Shopee MY on Facebook (, like the post on Dibea’s G20 Mini, comment with the hashtags #iloveDibea, #iwantDibeaVacuum and invite three of your friends to do the same. 

The contest will see five lucky winners walk away with a Dibea voucher worth RM100 to purchase the G20 Mini vacuum cleaner from Dibea’s official store on Shopee. The winners will be announced on 11 June and be notified via the comments section of the Facebook post. 

In conjunction with Shopee’s 6.6 Awesome Sale happening now till 6 June, Shopee users can enjoy rebates when they apply Dibea’s store vouchers before checking out with mobile wallet ShopeePay: RM 40 off with a minimum spend of RM 900, RM28 off with a minimum spend of RM680 on 27 May and RM18 off with a minimum spend of RM450 from now until 6 June.  

You wouldn’t want to miss out on these exciting offers from Dibea so head on to to find out more. Terms and conditions apply.  

Monday, May 24, 2021

Bottoms Lab launches official Shopee store

Photo credit to: Shopee Malaysia
Fans of Bottoms Lab, an independent brand founded in Australia, can now rejoice as it has now expanded its e-commerce presence by opening an official store on Shopee. 


Bottoms Lab is created with one purpose in mind - to combine comfort with quality and style, leaving behind the dilemma to choose between looking good and being comfortable. Bottoms Lab first launched its online store in Malaysia back in November 2019, and since then have garnered a strong 20,000 and counting customer base. 


“With the economic decline caused by the pandemic, the Malaysian consumer has learned to turn towards more economical and unique solutions to their wants and needs,” says Bottoms Lab co-founder, Melvin Chee. 


“This new-normal that occurred by the community's reaction to the pandemic has created an upward trend in the world of e-commerce that has allowed a perfect opportunity for Bottoms Lab to continue growing its footprint among the Malaysian consumers,” added Chee. 


Bottoms Lab’s official store on Shopee will be the first of any external sales channels that the brand is selling on apart from its official website. 


“When we research new sales channels, the user base and its nationwide presence are some important factors that we evaluate,” he said. 


He elaborated that e-commerce platforms like Shopee have successfully helped SME brands to tap into a larger customer base in Malaysia. “For example, we work closely with the Shopee team to market our Momentum Long Pants and Momentum Shorts to more potential customers through Shopee monthly campaigns.” 


Photo credit to: Shopee Malaysia

To commemorate its official launch on Shopee, Bottoms Lab is treating its customers with great deals in the upcoming 6.6 Awesome Sale period. Customers can get up to 30% off on selected products under Brand Spotlight on 26 May 2021, and vouchers that are worth an extra 40% off with a minimum spend of RM100 from 7 June to 13 June under Style by Shopee.


Shopee’s 6.6 Awesome Sale offers users free shipping with a minimum spend of RM6, 66% off deals and vouchers daily and more during the campaign which starts on 25 May.


“We are firm believers that looking good and feeling comfortable shouldn’t be too costly, so we are working closely with Shopee to promote our products and offer great deals to our loyal customers,” said Chee. 


The co-founder also mentioned that they will be launching more new products in the coming weeks for a wider product offering to their customers.  


To find out more about Bottoms Lab’s latest products and promotions on Shopee, visit Hi there, zam here from the Shopee PR team :) Thank you for posting on Bottoms Lab! If it’s alright with you, would you mind including just one line at the end of the press release and update us when it’s added please? Thank you! Just this bolded part:

To find out more about Bottoms Lab’s latest products and promotions on Shopee, visit Don’t forget to use ShopeePay for smoother checkouts.

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