Sunday, June 29, 2014


I think I 'inherit' the love of puzzle,
From my big kor kor....

I have many sets of puzzles,
To play with:
From those kor kor used to fixe,
And newly bought from my parents,
As well as prizes won from contests...

I love puzzles!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Anmum GenWhy? WhyPod

 We played interesting game,
At Anmum GenWhy? Whypod...

Whypod 1:
Why Marathon...
Every W-H-Y we asked,
Is a sign of brain cells connection..
How great!~

Whypod 2,
Big Why Wall
I can scribble and draw and ask anything I like,
On the board...
And snap a photo with it,
After I finish with my art work!~

Whypod 3,
Puzzle game..
Having very fun time,
Sticking the eyes, ears etc,
To the boy and girl on the board..

Whypod 4...
It's spot the little 'secret'..
I feels like little investigator!~

Fun-filled day!~

Monday, June 23, 2014

AEON Mom, Guess What I'm Doing 2014

Participated in Jusco Baby Contest:
AEON Mom, Guess What I'm Doing ...

Was selected as one of the finalists,
And attended the Grand Final Prize Presentation...
This is such a wonderful experience for me!~

I didn't manage to bring back,
The huge hampers,
Like my kor kor 5 years ago...
As nowadays,
Really need to get a lot of votes,
In order to win big,
And we totally missed the voting period.....

It's totally all right!
I'm happy with what I won:
Consolation prize:
With Baby Kiko Hamper,
And Fisher-price toys!~

Being selected as,
One of the finalists,
Is totally a happy surprise for me!~

Friday, June 20, 2014

JnJ Interview

Our interview,
With Johnson & Johnson...

Is being featured,
In Mom Baby妈妈宝宝(Chinese) 
And Mami Baby (BM) Magazines,
March 2014 Issue...
Our reward...
A lovely Johnson & Johnson's Hamper..


Thursday, June 19, 2014 is ONE!!! 
Celebrated its 1st anniversary,
On 24th May 2014.....

Jomparty is a subsidiary company
To Mahligai Klasik,
That offer designer
And personalized party celebration
To Malaysian.

Service include
Personalized candy buffet,
Party package,
Party decoration,
Imported party item,
Personalized door gift and etc.

The owner, Lydia Nasir
Is a dedicated mother of 2 sons
Working as revenue person
In hospitality industry
And do party as her part time.

Graduate in Bachelor Degree of Media Innovation
From MMU and A-Law Cambridge from BAC
Her interest never stop her from venturing creative industry.
Experienced for more than 10 years in flower decorating,
Following mother footstep as international florist and flower judge
With guidance from father in landscape architect
Have excel her throughout 5 years
In wedding and events designing.

The idea came for Jomparty
With motivated passion
In personalized party celebration in USA,
She continue to prove her capability
In pursuing her creativity in kids party.
Jomparty means come party
In Malaysia language.
It had been proven to be top search engine word
And easy to pronounce by all age.

Started from mouth to mouth,
Jomparty had grown to be proven
A successful online service business.

Jomparty motto is nothing to big and nothing to small. 
Each package are able to personalize 
To suit individual budget 
With minimal budget requirement.

Great news is:
Celebrating 1st year anniversary,
They are giving out 5 not 1 free candy buffet worth RM499
That will cheer you up.

 For more information,
Or jomparty's blog,
Or jomparty's facebook..

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Method Clean Happy Contest: Messiest Kid

I took part in
Method's Clean Happy Contest...

Mummy's story on messiest kid sounds like this:
My little baby prince loves to eat chocolate bread.
The messier it gets,
The yummier his 'totolet' (That's how he pronounce chocolate) bread taste like!

Proudly announced:
I'm one of the messiest kid,
Certified by Method.. 

Method products arrived at our doorstep,
To assist mummy in daily cleaning job!~
No more fear of me making any mess now....
As Method can clean any mess in our house!~

Badan Warisan Malaysia's Warisan Lab & KUL-Ball

Badan Warisan Malaysia (Badan Warisan) the leading NGO spearheading heritage conservation services, is embarking on a rebranding exercise to take place over the next two years The exercise is aimed at educating the general public and creating a greater cross-generational appeal for heritage consciousness in our nation.

To inspire a deeper understanding of heritage spaces and be a vehicle to empower and engage youth and adults alike, Badan Warisan  is kicking off  this rebranding programme by organising a fundraiser gala event  themed the KUL BALL which will be held on Friday 20 June 2014 at the Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

In 1983, a fund-raising ball was held by Badan Warisan Malaysia to help save the Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, then threatened with demolition. The initiative paid off and the hotel was saved. So it is fitting The Majestic Hotel has been chosen as the setting for the Heritage KUL Ball 2014. This time round, Badan Warisan aims to recapture the spirit of the event by engaging the youth of Malaysia to be passionate about our tangible and intangible heritage.

Places are available via a minimum donation of RM300 per invitation.

Invitations can be obtained from the secretariat at No 2 Jalan Stonor, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. For corporate sponsors and donors, please contact Swee Peng / Jee at 03 - 2144 9273 or for more information. Each donation is fully tax exempt.

As part an education and awareness programme which will lead to the KUL Ball event, Badan Warisan is hosting activities which include:

Pre-Event Wayang Kulit Cross Cultural event 
- June 10 at Badan Warisan’s Heritage Centre with finale at the KUL Ball on 20 June.

My City My Heritage
An instagram journey – an engagement project for the youth to capture a part of this country which has a cultural significance to them. It could be their school or their kampong or their neighbourhood park where they grew up. This 2 week event will commence mid-May and the instagrams will be featured on our digital wall at the fundraising event.

Speaking at press conference today, Badan Warisan’s Executive Director Elizabeth Cardosa said: “We want to engage and empower communities, especially young Malaysians, to actively engage with local heritage and historic environments. Communities can have a shared sense of heritage simply because they have shared a common place. Once individuals value their heritage and take pride in it, it is more likely that they will want to learn more about it and care for it, either individually or in joint action. This can help to build stronger sustainable communities.”

Moving forward over the next 24 months, Badan Warisan will embark on the following to create an environment to further educate, empower and engage younger Malaysians to be actively involved in a heritage centric culture.

In line with that, the NGO plans to develop the following initiatives:

·         CONNECT THE CULTURAL DOTS - Create an open, digital platform that links all heritage-inspired NGOs and groups throughout the nation and region to promote inclusiveness and critical engagement with heritage and cultural issues via an intergenerational spectrum.

·         SHARE CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE - Embed within the digital platform an open-source information system of BWM’s vast print archives in order to promote the sharing of educational resources virtually with all communities.

·         FUND CULTURAL INNOVATION - Create a RM10 million Cultural Heritage Grants Programme to fund independent, private sector projects throughout Malaysia connected with building conservation, cultural mapping, capacity building and social/cultural enterprise.

Event           : Warisan Lab

Date             : 14 & 15 June 2014
Time            : 10 am - 6pm
Venue          : Badan Warisan Malaysia, Jalan Stonor
Admission     : RM30 per day

What happens when old school meets new school? You get Star Wars Wayang Kulit! There are few things more interesting or quirky. Warisan Lab presents the artists behind the project who will share their exciting experience. You will also be able to get up close to other fascinating projects such as the experimental puppeteer theater performance, Main Wayang: Hikayat Sang Kancil and a 3D digital capture of the boatmakers of Terengganu.

Badan Warisan Malaysia is organising the Warisan Lab, which encompasses workshops, demonstrations and talks, and features a "visual-lab" as a platform for visitors to tinker and explore throughout the whole day.

Watch creative endeavours by local artists, designers and professionals and their experimentations and attempts to marry the old with the new through interesting digital imaging and go on a tour around Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman.

Come join us and have fun while learning how to preserve our heritage buildings, cultural values and our nation’s legacy. 

Invitations can be obtained from the secretariat at No. 2 Jalan Stonor, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. For corporate sponsors and donors, please contact Swee Peng / Jee at 03 - 2144 9273 or for more information. For ticket booking, please SMS to 011-2221 0315.

Event           : KUL BALL
Date             : 20 June 2014, Friday
Time            : 7:00pm
Venue          : Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Admission    : Minimum donation of RM300 per invitation

Badan Warisan Malaysia is kicking off its youth engagement programme by organising the KUL Ball, a fundraiser gala event to inspire a deeper understanding of heritage spaces.

Datuk Sheila Majid and her daughter, Kayda Aziz, who exemplify the blend of “something old something new” theme, together with two-man group Dangerdisko will be entertaining guests during the ball.

Come join us and preserve our heritage buildings with the common aim that the future generations will value and always be aware of our legacy.

Invitations can be obtained from the secretariat at No. 2 Jalan Stonor, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. For corporate sponsors and donors, please contact Swee Peng / Jee at 03 - 2144 9273 or for more information. For ticket booking, please SMS to 011-2221 0315. Each donation is fully tax exempt.



Badan Warisan Malaysia (The Heritage of Malaysia Trust) is the leading national heritage NGO with a reputation for excellence in heritage conservation services spanning nearly 30 years. It operates three heritage properties – the Heritage Centre and Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman in Kuala Lumpur, No 8 Heeren Street in Melaka’s UNESCO World Heritage Site and the UNESCO award winning restoration project of Suffolk House, the 200 year old historic Anglo-Indian Georgian Mansion in George Town, Penang.

We work throughout Malaysia, cooperating with community groups, institutions, the private sector and all levels of Government to promote the conservation and preservation of our historic buildings and places.  We play a pivotal role in advocacy through a range of activities including heritage education, and we initiate research and documentation of our heritage assets and contribute at international, national and local levels to debates on the quality of our built environment.

Over the years, Badan Warisan has developed expertise covering the whole spectrum of the conservation process.  Drawing on our membership, we are well equipped to offer a comprehensive range of services in such areas as urban design and planning, architecture, real estate, education, tourism, design and communication, cultural and creative industries and environment and ecology.

Since 1985, Badan Warisan has undertaken various building conservation projects including the restoration of Gedung Raja Abdullah (Selangor), Istana Tengku Long (Terengganu), Rumah Bomoh (Perak), Rumah Kutai (Perak), No 2 Jalan Stonor (Kuala Lumpur), No 8 Heeren Street (Malacca), Stadium Merdeka (Kuala Lumpur) and more recently, Stadium Negara, the Sulaiman Building (Kuala Lumpur) and Sulaiman Mosque (Klang). Many of these projects have won accolades and awards locally and internationally.

In addition, for the past 13 years, BWM has involved in cultural heritage tourism and the development of heritage walks and tours, this puts us in a unique position to provide integrated and sustainable management of heritage sites in Malaysia.

BWM is a registered charity, and completely independent of government.

For further details on Badan Warisan, please contact: 
Elizabeth Cardosa
Telephone: 03 – 2144 9273

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