Monday, November 17, 2014

Legoland Hotel Kingdom Room

Dreams do come true!
Special thanks to Paddle Pop and Legoland Malaysia...
We finally get to stay in our dream room - Kingdom room....
The room is big and very impressive!~
We're just like 'sua ku' while entering the room...
Nonstop 'Wah! Wah! Wah' came out from our mouth...

They don't only provide one big bed,
But also double decker,
Exactly enough and comfy for a family stay!~

With 2 television in the room,
We won't be fighting for different show..
But honestly speaking...
We don't have any time to watch TV!
There're so much more fun stuff to explore,
In Legoland Hotel's room....

A crown is a must,
In a kingdom....

We're expecting bath tub...
But showering is as good though..
Since we can play water in water park!~

Didn't expect to see,
Such a huge huge spidey,
In the room...
It does scared my jie jie...
But not me...
I'm big big boy..
Erm.. I mean, big big baby,
Whom not afraid of anything!~
Including the big big Lego Spider!

Cute lego toileteries!~
Even the soap is in Lego shape!~
Super duper awesome!~

In order to have a comfortable stay,
They provide everything we need,
In our Kingdom room...

We really feel like,
We're the real King, Queen, Prince and Princess
Living under one roof!~
How we wish,
This is our home!~

Duplo set is just nice for me...
I love to play it...
While daddy and mummy,
Drinking a cup of coffee or tea....
That's totally free of charge!~
Safety box, hair dryers and everything we need,
Are provided in the room, too!~

Task of the day:
We're require to solve the puzzle,
Answer the questions....
To get the 4 lucky numbers....

To open up this treasure chest,
Guarded by Prince Frog....

The questions,
Are a bit tricky and confusing for us...
After trying a few combinations...

We get our treasure!!!

I wonder how Adventure Room,
And Pirates Room looks like...
But I strongly believe,
It's as amazing as our Kingdom Room....

Mummy, please please...
Can't we don't check out at 10am tomorrow morning?

For more details on the hotel room, 


  1. Your dream comes true finally, & we were just talking about it the other day. I'm so happy for you!

  2. So cute, seems like you had a pleasant stay ! how about your experience in the park? would love to read about it as well !

  3. Very nice of you exploring your dream room at Legoland. Hope that you can find more beautiful places for your awesome and memorable moments.

  4. Ahah! The hotel is so cute. I think kids will love it here :) There are even puzzles to solve... amazing decoration :D

  5. I didn't know Legoland has a hotel room to stay in! I thought it was just a theme park! Thanks for sharing; this gave me additional knowledge. Is the room Hogwarts themed? It kinda looked like it. Hehe.

  6. A Legoland hotel room? Pretty cool!

  7. I grew up playing lego and would like to stay in a lego inspired room. I would also want to see Legoland soon.

  8. I've seen many fun photos of legoland hotel too! It looked like a haven for the kids. I wonder if we adults stay there... will we feel the same?

  9. Wow, that room looks amazing! So glad your dream came true!

  10. What a cute room design. I did not know Legoland had a hotel. I think my kids may already be too old to be excited by this room, but you'd never know. I know I am excited to stay there. Haha!

  11. Looks awesome! How do you find the two theme parks?

  12. Wow, what a great place to stay! I can totally see why you would go gaga over this!

  13. That is so cool! You are really lucky. Loved your photos :)

  14. Probably the cutest room ever!! The figurines make everything feel one of a kind! :)

  15. Haha interesting. I have told my students about my way of life. I usually save up a certain amount of money and in one occasion I will spend it at once, I want to taste how it's like to be a King! haha

    This is an interesting post. Should try this one Lego Kingdom Room!

  16. I love the idea... All of us should be allowed to feel like royalty. :-)

  17. The royal room seems so comfy and cozy, I feel a little jealous I did not get the chance to take time and relax in such a luxurious atmosphere.

  18. Oh My Goodness! This would be totally a childhood dream come true for me :) Hope I get to experience this one day!

  19. I adore quirky hotels, and lego! I might have to add this to my malaysia itinerary when I visit next spring.

  20. The photos speak for themselves. You did have a good stay there.


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