Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Friso Gold and me

My very first encounter about Friso Gold...
The whole incredible Friso Gold Journey,
Makes me fully understands about the milk,
And have full confidence on this brand of milk...
Silently decided....
To switch kiddos current brand of milk..
Into Friso Gold....

Main concert towards kids are:
Double H: Healthy and Happy...

Friso Gold helps to build their immune system,
From inside out!~
That's why I love Friso Gold so much!~

My kids used to always fall sick,
I found that the frequency of getting flu reduce  alot!~
They used to cough,
Whenever they took a tiny bit of ice cream..
But now...
I can let them eat without any worries!~

Of course,
There are many proven facts...
On all the benefits of Friso Gold....
The most important reason is,
My kids are Healthy and Happy!~
Action speaks louder than words...
They no need to tell me if they likes it...
They loves drinking Friso Gold,
And will finish off,
Until the last drop of the milk...

I love my kids to have outdoor experiences...
If possible,
I'd like to explore everything with my kids,
The special kind of bonding moments,
Are simply priceless!~

We normally play scooter,
Cycling, swimming...
Playing basketball...
Having lots and lots of activities of our very own:
Using tables, chairs, different size boxes or tin can,
Overturned pans or lids.....
And start a backyard concert with kiddos....

We build a mini soccer goal,
By overturning the table,
Netting the goal with fabric...
And had a great match with my children...

Make our very own DIY lantern,
By using paper plates and recycled chopsticks...

Felt so honoured and happy..
To see so many Friso Gold Mums and kids..
Recreating our activities:
Be it our backyard concert,
Having incredible fun with balls,
Or making DIY lantern!~

In the meantime,
We enjoyed recreating activities...
Ideas from other parents and their kids,
From Say Yes to Experiences, too!~

The current greatest outdoor experience,
Would be our back at nature retreat...
Camping for the first time.....
Sleeping overnight in the real tent!~
Jungle trekking for the first time ever...

Never try never know...
I never knew,
My kids are so capable of doing so many things..
Until I see it with my own eyes!~

To really participate in all these outdoor activities,
They really need a healthy and strong body....
I'm able to see the best part in my kids!
And many thanks to Friso Gold...
Not only bloggers are happy with Friso Gold,
98% of Friso Gold mothers are also happy with Friso Gold Product. *
Discover the reasons behind the love of mother and child for Friso Gold,
Disclaimer: *Results based on a database survey of Friso Gold mums.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dashing - Facial Cleanser For Active Men

Ho Ho Ho!~
It's Christmas!~
And I got the best Christmas present ever!~
For my beloved daddy:
Dashing: Facial Cleansers For Active Men...
Strong In Action,
Gentle On Face....

This new range of facial cleansers,
Is inspired and endorsed by..
Manchester City Football Club..
And it consists of 5 products,
Each designed,
To combat the most common skin issues,
Faced by men with an active lifestyle!~

Acne Free:
'Nobody know how to tackle & score better than Sergio Aguero!'
Kick off Acne with Dashing Acne Free,
Specially formulated with Zinc & Clay,
To fight the acne causing bacteria.
It also promotes smooth and healthy complexion,
Score clear skin in no time!~

Extra White:
Score striking white skin,
And be outstanding like Samir Nasri.
Formulated with Swiss Alpine Plants,
Dashing Extra White gives lighter, brighter,
And even tones skin.
It also avoid the appearance of
UV induced dark spot.

Icy Fresh:
Dashing Icy fresh,
Contains Ice Glacier Water,
For instant freshness and skin hydration.
It provides long lasting freshness,
And cooling sensation.
To the skin,
By instantly relieving excessive heat.
Tackle the dryness and kick it cool,
Like David Silva.

Oil Clear:
Dashing Oil Clear,
Formulated with secret ingredient Bamboo Charcoal,
That removes dirt & excess oil,
From skin giving oil free look instantly.
Build the strongest defence against oil,
Like midfield defender,
Vincent Kompany.

Whitening Scrub:
Who said men can't have flawless skin?
Dashing whitening scrub is formulated,
With sea salt that deeply cleanses,
And exfoliates,
To provide an even skin tone.
It helps to unclog pores,
Remove impurities and blackheads.
Let's score your way to a flawless skin,
Like Kevin De Bruyne!

Dashing Facial Cleansers,
Are available at 100g,
For RM10.90
And 50g for RM6.90.

Dashing is running a National Contest,
And will be giving opportunity,
To 11 lucky winners,
To go on a 6D5N fully paid trip,
To Manchester, UK.
Including 3 day training camp,
At the City Football Academy with Academy coaches,
Opportunity toget up close to the first team players,
An Etihad Stadium tour,
And not forgetting VIP tickets,
To watch the LIVE match,
Between Manchester City FB and Manchester United
On 19th March 2016.

All you need to do is to buy any Dashing or Elite Products,
And send a simple SMS to enter the contest,
Which ends on 31st December 2015.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Air Supply 40 Years World Tour Malaysia 2015

Air Supply 40 Years...
World Tour Malaysia 2015...
In Imperial Ballroom,
One World Hotel, Bandar Utama...

Special thanks to E-Plus Entertainment Production (M) Sdn Bhd...
A very close up and personal meeting the fans....
With the reowned Australia Soft Rock Band....
Air Supply....

The list of songs they sung:
Sweet Dreams
Even The Nights
Just As I Am
Every Woman
Here I Am
I Adore You
Graham's Solo
Two Less Lonely
The One That You Love
Lost In Love
Making Love


Desert Sea Sky
Shake It
All Out of Love

Graham Russell....
Looks so sentimental,
With his guitar!~

Russell Hitchcock,
Interacted with everyone..
In the ballroom..
It's really an amazing concert!~

40 Years is a very long time...
The duo been performing on stage together...
For so long...
And they are the best friends...
They are like brothers!~
The relationship is something we need to treasure!~

The songs they sung...
Is not just songs.....
It represents memories...
To the audiences,
As well as to the duo!~

For more information:
Kindly hop over to:

Monday, December 21, 2015

Scholastic Disney School Skills Learning Mats

Learning maths is much more easier,
With Disney School Skills Learning Mats..
Let's Learn Number Sense....

Little kiddo like me..
Tend to get attracted,
And have more interest to learn,
When I'm learning with,
My favourite Disney characters!~

It's truly fun,
To count together with Donald and Daisy,
It's truly interesting,
To write numbers together with Mickey and Minnie!~

Consists of 7 two-sided,
Write-and-wipe mats..
To assist mummy teaching me...
To have a better understanding of..
Numbers, counting and visualizing numbers...

I can write and erase and write again..
With lots of repetition and practice,
Everything will be perfectly done!~

It is created by experts,
To help children master,
Key strategies and skills,

Disney School Skills series,
Is a powerful learning tool,
Designed to help kiddos succeed!~

It comes together with,
Parental guide and answer key...
Plus one marker...

 I totally can feel the bonding..
And how much mummy loves me..
When she holds my hand..
To guide me to write properly....

I know...
I still don't know the correct way,
To hold my pen aka marker....

But I strongly believe,
Practices make perfect!~

For more information on Scholastic Books,
Kindly visit Scholastic website,


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Friday, December 18, 2015

Scholastic Lego Reader

I love reading...
Especially when I'm reading..
Scholastic books!!!

Bedtime story is extra interesting...
When it comes with Lego and adventures!~

Lego City goes into space...
This reader ties in,
With one of the Lego's major toy themes...
Which is sure to be a hit with Lego fans...
Which means us -
Cre8tone's family!~

I prefer mummy to read it for me;
I prefer my kor kor to read it for me;
I prefer my jie jie to red it for me....
Precious bonding moment....
I really can feel L-O-V-E...
When they're in the same 'adventure' with me!~

We enjoying ourselves very much,
By making funny funny sounds,
While reading....
Beep Beep!~

With lots and lots of repetition,
I'm able to recognize some of the simple words...
And I'm really ready...
To sight words,
To sound out the words..
And read simple sentences!~

The best part about this readers are...
We can choose which level we're in..
And get the most suitable books in the readers...
Depending on our level...
From Pre 1, with 30-100 words,
To Level 3, with 700-1500 words...
I'm sure I'll improve my reading skill...
Step by step!~

For more information on Scholastic Books,
Kindly visit Scholastic website,


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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bukit Puchong Snoopy -The Peanuts Gathering

Meeting Snoopy,
At Bukit Puchong,
The good life starts here...
Dream Big...
The home of adventure...
With The Peanuts Gathering...

Transformation of
Bukit Puchong Sales Gallery,
Into a Snoopy Wonderland of sorts..
With a hive of activity,
For the entire family..

 "We are aware that our operations,
Make a mark on the neighbourhood,
And community at learge...
We see it as our responsibility,
To make this mark a positive one.
Besides offering the best in property and infrastructure,
We also hold the community in high regard,
Which was what led us,
To hold this event,
Especially during school holidays,"
Said Wong Chiew Meng,
General Manager,
Bukit Hitam Development...

Join contests and interesting activities,
To win cute Snoopy merchandises!~

Workshops and colouring,
At the kids area...

 Had a great glance..
At Bukit Puchong's neighbourhood's
Town planning!~

Their show house,
Is pretty cosy and comfy!~

Epic, Type C

For more information,
Visit http://www.bukitpuchong.com.my
Or http://www.facebook.com/bandarbukitpuchong

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kidzania's Industrial Partners

 If you followed my kor kor's blog..
You'll probably know that..
Kidzania just announced their Industrial Partners...

Media Prima's Bananana!
Will be taking over..
The full production of the show,
In the theatre...

BHPetrol profesional team...
Serving Kidzanians!~

Canon Imaging Studio...
With brand new image...

Assisting the kids,
To enhance their knowledge,
In photography...
As well as photo editing skill!~

KZR 89.2
Official Kidzania's Radio Station...
With HotFM and FlyFM...

A chance to be a DJ,
In radio station!
How cool could that be!~


Step by step on...
How the mineral water is filtered..
And bottled up!~
Stabilo Design Studio...
2nd phase,
With more interesting art activities,
Especially for the kids!~

Media Prima's TV Production house..
For TV3, NTV7, 8TV and Channel9!~

More reason...
To work in Kidzania!~

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Customize T-Shirt with Printcious.com

I just subscribed,
Printcious.com's newsletter..
After I browse through their website..

Without any hesitation,
I straightaway choose the category of gifts..
That I like most...
And start online shopping!~

I love the flexibility of...
Customized t-shirt...
I can choose whichever colours I like...
With any names on it!~
And it's so easy and convenient to order...

With just a few simple click,
The items I ordered,
Reach my doorstep..
In just a blink of eyes!~

 I ordered two customized t-shirts...

And they provide a full...
T-shirt care instructions...

How thoughtful they are!~

The cute cute girl's picture.......

And born to be a shinning star....

With our blog's name on it:

Looks superb isn't it?

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