Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Australian Lifestyle

I'm really a very lucky baby,
To have the chance
To experience Australian's lifestyle...
For 10 days.......

Really love their lifestyle:
No need to rush for anything!~

The weather is just nice................
Everything is so convenient.......

Will blog more about our Australia trip,
Very soon..

Monday, December 23, 2013

Digi Thank You Sale

It's December,
The last month of the year............
It's time for me to wrap up,
What I did for the whole year...
And what's my new year resolution...
In this joyful month of gifting,
I'd love to express my full gratitude,
For the person that I'm most grateful in life:-
My grandpa!~

My wai gong is the one,
Who sleeps with me during my morning nap...
Whenever mummy's working in the office.....
With him sleeping by my side,
I feels more secure and safe....
And always can sleep tight
While having my sweetest dreams....
Despite his busy schedule,
I feels very honoured,
As he gives me priority,
To spend his time with me!~

If there's anyone who intend to 'bully' me......
The first one I'll think of is my grandpa....
He's my superhero and he'll protect me with all his might!~
I think he's my mummy's all-time superhero, too!~

If my parents refuse to buy me any toys,
I'll request it from my wai gong....
I always get my wish granted.....
That's very very nice of him!~

Mummy said she loves to see the bonding,
Between her papa and her son.....
It's such a warm moment,
Seeing us hugging and kissing each other!~
We're blessed to have each other.....

Wai gong,
Thank you for everything you'd done for us....
Thank you for an amazing year together!~

I think I'm not the only one,
Who's expressing gratitude,
To the most important person in my life...

Digi's having Thank You Sale,
Expressing it's gratitude,
To the most important customers:-
Oh yes!~ It's YOU!~
They're thanking you
For making DIGI,
Your preferred network.....
By giving a limited time offer,
For you to enjoy the biggest year-end promotion...

This time,
With Digi awesome offers and plans,
You get to reward youselves and your loved ones,
With FREE smartphones,
Free tablets,
Free Internet,
And even Free Calls!!!!!!~
Super duper cool!

With DiGi Thank You Sale
You can reward yourself 
With Samsung Smartphones free.....
More choices of free smartphones:
HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia C...

With the Tablet X45, 
Digi's giving you a FREE Android™ tablet, 
Unlimited Surfing, 
And exclusive content!

Subscribe to any Postpaid Broadband plans 
And get a modem/MiFi for FREE.

Switch to DG SmartPlan™ 88 
And double up on voice calls

 With extra freebies!~

Offering best rates...........
When you make local calls 
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Step by step instructions,
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Stay connected with friends and family around the world 
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Feeling excited?!~
Start your crazy shopping spree experiences now...
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Digi Thank You Sale

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spotify - Santa Mummy's Xmas Mood

Guess what?!~
My Santa Mummy just signed up,
And in the midst to create....
A Christmas playlist,
Especially for me!~

It's our very first experience in using....
Digital music streaming service...

Mummy is very surprise that...
There are so many choices of Christmas songs!!!~~~
No doubt:-
Spotify - the world's largest digital music streaming service!~

Why we named our playlist:
Santa Mummy's Xmas Mood?
Doesn't really matter if I'm in her nice or naughty list.....
Mummy's always been my best Santa ALL the time....
And she's always in great Xmas Mood whenever I'm around her.....
Christmas is always about love and sharing for us....

The first song, Santa Claus is comin' to town...
Just to refresh me that: my Santa is always besides me...
Followed by Christmas canon..
I listened to Pachabel's Canon since I'm in mummy's womb...

The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't be late)
Is my all time favourite Xmas song!~ 
Cheers for Alvin!~

Jingle Bells is a must for every Christmas...
Sometimes, we prefer Rocky version of Jingle Bell Rock

Since I just came back from my first and very zoo visit...
I really would love some songs about animals:
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer...
My mummy really knows me well!~

Christmas Music - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Everyone's always looking forward for month of December,
Just because of Christmas...
Well, I'm not the exceptional one...

I really wish I could go for a Sleigh Ride,
With my dearest mummy of course...

I wish you a Merry Christmas...
Deck the Halls...
And We wish you a Merry Christmas..
Everyone's really in Xmas Mood this December,
Not just Santa Mummy and me...

This One's for the Children... like me!~
The adults will have their own celebrations,
But the children will also have our own celebrations for Xmas, too!~
Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.....

I Believe in Santa Claus,
As my mummy is always my Santa...

I want to have a Holly Jolly Christmas,
With Frosty the Snowman...
Listening to Overture From It's A Wonderful Life!~
A llittle note for my Dear Santa mummy,
I'll be always your little drummer boy,
In this silent night...

Our playlist end with a great Christmas Lullaby...
Good night and sleep tight...
Have a sweet merry christmas dream....

Sit back and relax,
While you listening and enjoy all the songs...
In our Spotify Christmas playlist!~

Do leave a comment,
As Spotify, the world's largest digital music streaming service, 
Will be giving away 3x Spotify Premium gift cards
Valued at almost RM50!
To my readers with best comments,
If they like my playlist.....

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A' Famosa Resort

A short relaxing trip,

To A' Famosa Resort,
In Alor Gajah, Melaka...

I'm so excited to see,
The greenery everywhere....
I get extra excited...
When I see there's so many fishes...
Inside the pool!~

What's makes me more excited is.....
Mummy bought fish's food @RM1,
We are here,
Enjoying feeding the fish,
It's so much fun,
Looking at how the fishes,
Eating the fish's food we threw hungrily!~

First time going so close,
To a golfing course...
With so many buggies,
At the buggy station....

Are we golfing?
Probably not,
As we're all not handicapped golfers......
Probably can shoot some balls,
At the tee area...

Thought of washing my feet + shoes with water....
But it only blows away the grass and dirt........

We really have a great time here!~

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

GUESS Kids Holiday Collection Fashion Show

Fashion Show!~

Super Model Mummy,
Amber Chia,
Posing with his son,




It's really cute,
To see the kids,
Doing catwalk......
Wearing Guess Kids attire...

Their holiday collection,
Include smart casual range...

Love all the little models' cute action!~

Love the white attire, too!~

Going for a wedding,
For this holiday?
This could be a choice of outfit...
For boys and girls out there...
Perfect match!

I'm going to grab some,
For my coming soon oversea trip!~

Cool huh?
Guess not,
I'll feel perfectly warm in the attires.....

Extremely looking forward
For my very first oversea holiday!~

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Young Beginners Showcase

Since I show great interest,
And enjoying musical experiences...

Mummy bring us,
To Young Beginners Showcase.....

Teacher-student 4 hands...

 Musicgarten students performing in groups...

Not to forget,
Little pianist in solo!~

I had a great musical day,
In the showcase!~

Monday, December 2, 2013

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show '13

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show '13

I'll only upload,
Little part of the cars' photos...
Since prefer to see it in real....

 Spacy Hyundai!~

 Perodua car...

 Love this unique antique car......

Zooming into time machine...
From antique car,
To Ford Focus Race Car...

Let's race..............

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Recycle Pots

Do you have....
Unwanted or broken pails and claypots?

I think my gong and por,
Have the greatest idea..
On how to recycling it..

Transform it into flower pot!~
Plant something today...
And Go Green together!~!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mummy Make A Wish

Online shopping has become the new solution for busy mothers, 
Especially when Christmas is around the corner. 
The stress of going through the traffic jams 
To get toys, diapers or feeding bottles 
Has been overcome with technology. 
Mothers’ lifestyles are slowly changing, 
Now that kids and baby products are one click away.

New mom and ERA fm Announcer Ira Mohd Amin said 
“I am working full time and am a new mother, 
So there is a lot to get used to. 
On top of that I hardly have enough time to do everything. 
So shopping online to avoid the hassle of traffic jams, 
Finding a car park and waiting in line is a great help.”

According to Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, 
More than half per cent of Malaysian women are expected to work by 2015. 
Fennie Lai, a supplier of e-Commerce company Lazada.com.my says: 
“I am a mom myself and proud to be helping all the busy moms out there 
To save so much time. 
Being able to choose what you need online 
And have it delivered straight to your doorstep is so convenient. 
When I started out in business, 
It was not just about me, 
I had a bigger dream and that was to help other mothers. 
As mothers, we tend to think in collectives.”

Market research firm comScore stated that 
Customer services are top priorities for e-Commerce retailers. 
Staying in line with consumer demands, 
Lazada Malaysia customized a campaign for mothers 
Starting on November 26th to December 25th 
With aim to provide an even faster delivery. 
The online retailer promises a next day delivery guarantee in Klang Valley 
For over a hundred products for moms 
Ranging from nursing and baby products, cooking tools to fashion items.

Lazada has set up a Facebook  page offering 
New deals, insights, and interactive activities. 
In light of the festive season, 
The company will be launching 
An exclusive Christmas game called, 
Starting November 25th over a period of 4 weeks, 
Moms will get to comment and share what they wish for Christmas. 
The best wish based on its originality will win selected gifts ranging from toys and baby essentials.

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