Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ThotsnTots - Sharing Malaysia with our kids

A very backdated post....
Our story about Malaysia..
Is being published in ThotsnTots
Back in month of August,
During the celebration of Merdeka day...

A sneak preview,
Of our story....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WQ's Birthday Party

We're invited,
To WQ's Birthday Party....

At Kizsports & Gym....
Have a wonderful time,
Playing in the play area...

While the adults are having,
Their yummy food...

We played a lot of games, too!~
We're divided into boys and girls team..
Instead of following my kor kor,
I prefer to follow my jie jie..
So I ended up playing for the girls..
I'm 100% boy ya!~
I just prefer to stay,
With all the beautiful girls around..

Come on,
Let's hit the pinata!

After singing the birthday song,
It's our time to eat!~

The party ended,
In a magical way:
Amazing magic show!

Thanks WQ for the invitation..
And Happy birthday, pretty!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Celebrity Fitness - It's Clobberin Time

David Weck,
The fitness innovation prodigy,
Is introducing...
The Rotational Movement Training (RMT) methodology.

Celebrity Fitness 
Launched RMT Club class,
At its "Nu" gym,
In Nu Sentral...

With celebrities like..
Yasmin Hani, Baki Zainal,
Josiah Mizukami, Megan Tan,
Fiqrie, Wayne Chua, Johnson Low,
Julie Woon, Nadia Heng, Dennis Gan,
Evan Siao, Henley Hii, Oranga Tan,
Danny One, Lin Kah Jun..
And many more....
Led by Vidal Coscolin,
One of the five,
Certified RMT Trainers 
Cum Group Fitness Manager,
Of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia.

MC of the day,
DJ from Red FM...
Kris Malhotra,
Country Group Fitness Manager of..
Celebrity Fitness Malaysia....

 The RMT methodology encompasses,
Non-dominant Side Training,
And functional strength training,
That utilizes both sides of the body,
To work together,
To move more efficiently and athletically.

 The RMT Club and RMT Rope,
Are designed specifically,
To complement,
The RMT methodology,
To achieve a full body workout.

For more information,
Kindly contact Celebrity Fitness,
At 1300-222-FIT (348)
Or simply visit
Members of the public are also encouraged,
To join Celebrity Fitness' mailing list,
And be the first to know about pre-sale offers,
By sending their email address to:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Legoland Hotel Kingdom Room

Dreams do come true!
Special thanks to Paddle Pop and Legoland Malaysia...
We finally get to stay in our dream room - Kingdom room....
The room is big and very impressive!~
We're just like 'sua ku' while entering the room...
Nonstop 'Wah! Wah! Wah' came out from our mouth...

They don't only provide one big bed,
But also double decker,
Exactly enough and comfy for a family stay!~

With 2 television in the room,
We won't be fighting for different show..
But honestly speaking...
We don't have any time to watch TV!
There're so much more fun stuff to explore,
In Legoland Hotel's room....

A crown is a must,
In a kingdom....

We're expecting bath tub...
But showering is as good though..
Since we can play water in water park!~

Didn't expect to see,
Such a huge huge spidey,
In the room...
It does scared my jie jie...
But not me...
I'm big big boy..
Erm.. I mean, big big baby,
Whom not afraid of anything!~
Including the big big Lego Spider!

Cute lego toileteries!~
Even the soap is in Lego shape!~
Super duper awesome!~

In order to have a comfortable stay,
They provide everything we need,
In our Kingdom room...

We really feel like,
We're the real King, Queen, Prince and Princess
Living under one roof!~
How we wish,
This is our home!~

Duplo set is just nice for me...
I love to play it...
While daddy and mummy,
Drinking a cup of coffee or tea....
That's totally free of charge!~
Safety box, hair dryers and everything we need,
Are provided in the room, too!~

Task of the day:
We're require to solve the puzzle,
Answer the questions....
To get the 4 lucky numbers....

To open up this treasure chest,
Guarded by Prince Frog....

The questions,
Are a bit tricky and confusing for us...
After trying a few combinations...

We get our treasure!!!

I wonder how Adventure Room,
And Pirates Room looks like...
But I strongly believe,
It's as amazing as our Kingdom Room....

Mummy, please please...
Can't we don't check out at 10am tomorrow morning?

For more details on the hotel room, 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dugrostar @Sunway Pyramid

Dugrostar Winners,
For Category 3-6 years old
At Sunway Pyramid:
3rd place: Cindy Lim, 5 years old, playing piano.
2nd place: Vincy Kong Yun Sim, 5 years old, singing
1st Place: Ashley Yong Hui Jing, 4 years old, dancing..

Category 6+ - 10 years old's winners..
As per mentioned in the photo above...

Well done!
Little cutie!!!

Spotted me with my siblings,
Playing happily,
During Dugrostar Roadshow Promo Clip...

Calling Penang's parents and kids..
Don't miss out,
The last Dugrostar Roadshow,
Happening on 13-16November 2014,
At Center Atrium, Ground Floor,
AEON Queensbay Mall, Penang...

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunway Pyramid's Dugrostar Stage Performance

We're there.....
To watch the live performance...
Of all the finalists of Dugrostar...........

All the finalists,
Showing their best performance,
With their best attire....

The audience are really supporting, too!
Besides cheering and clapping hands...
They prepare special banners,
To support their preference finalist!~

Dugrostar is not just about individual contest..
But some of the finalists,
Are from kindergarten,
With groups of super duper cute kids!~
Showing their multiple talents,
At Dugrostar Stage!~

Dugrostar's gorgeous judges,
With the sweetest smiles:
Ruth Liew,
Director of Malaysia Child Resource Institude and Child Developmentalist;
Elza Irdalynna,
Actor, Producer, and Speech/Drama Instructor at BluBricks,
Nur Diyana Hashim,
Radio DJ and Instructor at BluBricks!

While waiting for the results to be announced,
A group of charming kids,
Performing their best gymnast movement!~
Which win a lot of cheers from the crowd!

Singing performance,
While waiting for the results...

Cute kids with Malay traditional costume,
Performing Malay traditional dance......

While waiting for the result.....
The kids are invited to participate,
For a colouring contest....

Is the result out?!
Very very soon...
Just be patience....
And stay tune for my posts....

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