Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Jejak Wira Merdeka With VITS

Photo provided by VITS
During this pandemic that is plaguing the world, 
Vit’s has taken various noble initiatives 
To jointly help Malaysians affected by this pandemic.
In conjunction with this August independence month, 
Vit’s has collaborated with Sinar Harian 
To run a program to help the “Wira Negara” who have served the country. 
Those who were once heroes to defend the homeland deserve our appreciation. 
This collaboration was carried out with the Association 
And the Malaysian Senior Citizens Caring Association 
To donate a number of food aid to national heroes affected during this pandemic.
“Thank you for giving Vit’s the opportunity to collaborate in this campaign. 
We are very proud to meet national heroes who have done so much for our country. "
Without the services of our national heroes, 
We will not be able to enjoy all the pleasures in Malaysia," 
Said Lai Yeah Tat, Managing Director of Vit’s.
This is the most meaningful CSR for Vit’s because with program like this, 
We as Malaysians will appreciate the fighters who have defended the country.
Vit’s visited one of the former national heroes, 
Bohari @ Abu Bakar Razali, 62, 
Who has left his career as a Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM). 
Bitter and sweet memories are still fresh in his memory. 
While on duty, 
He nearly fell victim to a bullet while patrolling the reef area.
Bohari is one of the country's fighters 
Who is honoured in this Jejak Wira Merdeka program.
Bohari received some donation as well as food aid 
To ease his burden which is now facing various health problems 
Such as diabetes, asthma, kidney and chronic lung disease.
"With the current situation, 
I regularly commute to Sabak Hospital. 
Since after the "bypass" heart surgeries, 
I have always had difficulties in breathing. 
I want to use oxygen, but it is not cheap. 
So, I had to go to the hospital. 
During this Covid, 
I did not dare to go out. 
Almost a year sitting at home, "
he said. 
Bohari who is now getting sick had to use disposable diapers 
To reduce movement due to his health factors.
Vit Makanan Managing Director, 
Lai Yaeh Tat described the Jejak Wira program as very meaningful 
To commemorate the heroes who have fought for national peace.
 Vit’s has donated 400 packs of dried noodles to the Association 
And the Malaysian Senior Citizens Caring Association 
As a token of gratitude to Malaysians 
Who have supported Vit’s from then until now, 
Said Yaeh Tat who is the 2nd generation of Vit’s legacy.
"We hope this donation can ease the burden of national heroes 
In this time of pandemic," he said.

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