Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Method Tub-N-Tile Wipes Review & Giveaway 2

Method Tub-N-Tile,
Flushable Cleaning Wipes.....
With 28 bathroom cleaning wipes...
Width and length: 17.7 x 25.4 cm (7x10 In)
Retail selling price: RM13.80.

It is non-toxic......
It is made with renewable fibers.....
It is too convenient that,
You can just clean and flush it away!~

You heard me correctly....
You can flush the wipes away!~
It's safe for you,
Safe for the planet, too!~

When things get messy,
In the bathroom, makeup, toothpaste spills..
Keep this hardworking flushable wipes nearby...

A simple wipe and you'll see the magic in it....

After cleaning, 
Extremely clean and shining.....
Leaving eucalyptus mint smell on the surface.....
It smells like spa!~

What's so special about the wipes are....
You can just throw it away,
Or even flush it away~~~~
Easy steps to use:
Peel the sticker,
Pull out a wipe,
Reseal the sticker to keep remaining wipes moist.....
Wipe the surface,
Flush it away...
Breath easy.....


Method products are available at:
Village Grocer (Full range)
BIG Supermarket (Full Range)
Cold Storage (Hand soup + Household Items only)
Tesco (Mutiara, Shah Alam, Puchong, Kajang, Ampang, Tanjung Penang) (Household Items Only)
Carrefour Midvalley (Household Items only)
Jaya Grocer (Hand soup + Household Items only)
Isetan KLCC (Hand soup + Household Items only)
ACE Hardware (Household Items only)

For Internet and home delivery, click here...



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  1. 50 loads Method laundry detergent because it gives great scent to clothes

  2. Wow...This pretty looks like a magic wipes that does amazing job.

  3. I love clean and a lovely scent to my laundry so it's got to be method's laundry detergent!

  4. Honestly, I have not tried any Methods Product yet. If I have a choice, I want to try the floor detergent. I currently have a dog and I want a detergent can eliminate the odour and at the same time give me a squeaky floor. Alternatively, I am interested in the Daily Shower Spray because I have one stubborn spot in my shower area and I have tried a lot of products like clorox, dettol, byob and it cant come off. So I wonder will this work??

  5. Method Glass and Surface Cleaner. I swear by this product! It leaves my windows and glass table tops virtually streak-free.

  6. Method 8x Concentrate Laundry softener with smartsoft tech - 50 loads – Fresh Air. It is because it makes my laundry job so complete, all the clothes smell so nice after the wash.. Perfect!


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