Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Elecoldxhot aka ECX & Fix

Elecoldxhot & Fix's amazing dance performances....

Love their night session,
Dancing with LED lights!~

This is just too cool!!!!!~~~

All their movement are just so fabulous!!!~

My favourite part:
The Super Mario Game Dance!!!~
Don't miss the swimming part,
It's really creatively superb!!!!!!~
Amazed everyone who's watching it!~
Very entertaining!!!

The end part of Super Mario game dance....
It looks exactly like the game!~
Love it so so so much!~
Watch it twice.....
For the 2D1N trip in Genting courtesy to Nuffnang!
I would really love to watch it...............
Again and again and again and again!~

Elecoldxhot aka ECX & Fix's group photo...
With blurry effect!~


  1. Miss this event since I was away to Cambodia

  2. Yee Ling, never mind la.. Your romantic gateway in Cambodia is so nice.. :)


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