Thursday, July 18, 2013

Penang Hill

We're now....
On top of Penang Hill!!!~~~~~

Small piece of advice:
Climb Penang Hill,
For the environment....
But we didn't really climb up.....
You know why?
Is simply too amazing!~

 Look at the breathtaking view!!!!!~
Simply amazing!!!

Sky Terrace...
We didn't dine here..
We ate in food court...
With lots of variety of food..

Playing in the playground,
On the very top of the hill...

There's an Hindu Temple up there, too!~

What I like most about the hill?
Of course,
The cooling weather!!!~


  1. I always wonder wat's up there....on top of the hill

  2. Fresh air, little playground, cafe..
    Owl museum (need to pay entrance)


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