Monday, December 23, 2013

Digi Thank You Sale

It's December,
The last month of the year............
It's time for me to wrap up,
What I did for the whole year...
And what's my new year resolution...
In this joyful month of gifting,
I'd love to express my full gratitude,
For the person that I'm most grateful in life:-
My grandpa!~

My wai gong is the one,
Who sleeps with me during my morning nap...
Whenever mummy's working in the office.....
With him sleeping by my side,
I feels more secure and safe....
And always can sleep tight
While having my sweetest dreams....
Despite his busy schedule,
I feels very honoured,
As he gives me priority,
To spend his time with me!~

If there's anyone who intend to 'bully' me......
The first one I'll think of is my grandpa....
He's my superhero and he'll protect me with all his might!~
I think he's my mummy's all-time superhero, too!~

If my parents refuse to buy me any toys,
I'll request it from my wai gong....
I always get my wish granted.....
That's very very nice of him!~

Mummy said she loves to see the bonding,
Between her papa and her son.....
It's such a warm moment,
Seeing us hugging and kissing each other!~
We're blessed to have each other.....

Wai gong,
Thank you for everything you'd done for us....
Thank you for an amazing year together!~

I think I'm not the only one,
Who's expressing gratitude,
To the most important person in my life...

Digi's having Thank You Sale,
Expressing it's gratitude,
To the most important customers:-
Oh yes!~ It's YOU!~
They're thanking you
For making DIGI,
Your preferred network.....
By giving a limited time offer,
For you to enjoy the biggest year-end promotion...

This time,
With Digi awesome offers and plans,
You get to reward youselves and your loved ones,
With FREE smartphones,
Free tablets,
Free Internet,
And even Free Calls!!!!!!~
Super duper cool!

With DiGi Thank You Sale
You can reward yourself 
With Samsung Smartphones free.....
More choices of free smartphones:
HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia C...

With the Tablet X45, 
Digi's giving you a FREE Android™ tablet, 
Unlimited Surfing, 
And exclusive content!

Subscribe to any Postpaid Broadband plans 
And get a modem/MiFi for FREE.

Switch to DG SmartPlan™ 88 
And double up on voice calls

 With extra freebies!~

Offering best rates...........
When you make local calls 
In these neighbouring countries.

Step by step instructions,
To get your FREE bonuslink point...

Purchase a 1GB Postpaid Internet Top Up 
For your DiGi Postpaid™ plan 
And get an additional 1GB of Internet quota for FREE.
Top Up!

Sign up for our Tablet 500MB now 
And enjoy it for FREE for the first month.

Sign up for our Prepaid Broadband/Prepaid Broadband Starter Pack 
For your PC or tablet 

And enjoy 1GB of Internet quota, 
Extra validity and up to 400MB of bonuses!

Stay connected with friends and family around the world 
Because we're giving away Skype calls for FREE!
All you have to do is sign up for a DiGi Postpaid™ plan 

With an Internet subscription to be eligible.

Feeling excited?!~
Start your crazy shopping spree experiences now...
 @ The most wonderful Year End Sale:
Digi Thank You Sale

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