Monday, July 21, 2014

Salam Ramadhan With Mothercare and ELC

We're in Alamanda Putrajaya,
Attending Salam Ramadhan
With Mothercare and ELC...
To join their Colouring Contest...

Colouring contest is not the only fun programme...
We enjoyed the magic show,
With Hafidz the Wizard....

While playing around with Congkak,
As well as Batu Seremban!~
Very nice traditional game!

Followed by,
Singing Performance,
With Lah Ahmad,
Former VE Group...

The highlight of all the program:
Mothercare and Gingersnaps Fashion Show,
With Stokke...

And of course,
Lots of cute modals!

Special appearance by local celebrities:
Yasmin Hani, Daphne Iking and Aishah Sinclair...

The best part about Stokke stroller:
Baby can still sleep very soundly and comfortably,
Even while the event is running smoothly.....
With Bananana's MC of the day announcing,
And prize-giving ceremony for Q&A session on going...
Wonderful isn't it?

Y Volution Race!
Go go little cutie!~
Be the champion,
And walk away with YGlider!~
While 1st runner-up brings home YPewi!

Last but not least,
Trunki Race!
How I wish I could,
Bring this little Trunki for my next vacation,
During my Raya holiday trip soon.....
But too bad,
I'm not as fast as the abang with the red shirt!~

Hop over to Little Artist's blog....
To peep on my kor kor and jie jie's colouring sheets!

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