Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WQ's Birthday Party

We're invited,
To WQ's Birthday Party....

At Kizsports & Gym....
Have a wonderful time,
Playing in the play area...

While the adults are having,
Their yummy food...

We played a lot of games, too!~
We're divided into boys and girls team..
Instead of following my kor kor,
I prefer to follow my jie jie..
So I ended up playing for the girls..
I'm 100% boy ya!~
I just prefer to stay,
With all the beautiful girls around..

Come on,
Let's hit the pinata!

After singing the birthday song,
It's our time to eat!~

The party ended,
In a magical way:
Amazing magic show!

Thanks WQ for the invitation..
And Happy birthday, pretty!

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