Monday, December 29, 2014

Hi5 House of Learning

Hi5 House of Learning..
Located in Damansara Heights...
Teach the kids to learn the fun way -
The Hi-5 Way!~

Kick off child's highest potential..
With Hi-5...
At Hi-5 House of Learning's classroom..

Super in love,
With the fun, comfy and cozy library..
With lots of nice, educative books...

Music room is a must..
To sing and dance,
With Hi-5 songs!~

The boat looks familiar?
It's in the kids play area...

Wall of Fame besides the staircase...
Is something very interesting in the school...

Hi-5 Education Advisor,
Ph.D in Linguistic (Macq)
Script Producer of Hi-5 World
Dr Catherine Martin...

Chairman of Hi-5 World...
Datuk' Jared Lim

Hi-5 Execitive Creative Director & Executive Producer,
Ms Julie Greene..

In Hi-5 House of Learning
Pre-Opening Media Briefing..

For more information,
Hop over to Hi-5 House of Learning Website,
Or their facebook page...

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