Monday, July 6, 2015

Genting First World Hotel Express Self Check-In Kiosk

For the convenience of everyone,
Whom plan their stay in...
Genting First World Hotel....
The largest Hotel in the world,
Is now well-equipped with,
Express Self Check-in Kiosk...

With express self check-in kiosk,
We can request:
Pre-booked reservation check-in;
Room Upgrade;
New Reservation;
Special Room Request;
Early Check-in;
Multiple Payment Method;
And Late Guaranteed Arrivals...

There're so many functions on the kiosk,
But everything is clearly labelled..
And it's so easy to use..

For Malaysian,
Just put in our MyKad...
And our details will be detected,
By the kiosk...
To proceed with our request choices...

If you're foreigner,
You can use the kiosk as well,
By just scanning your passport...

For security and safety reason,
We're required to key in our pin number,
As well as scan our thumbprints..

If you have Genting Rewards Card,
Just swipe it to get your extra point,
Or redeemed the room with your points..

For new room reservation,
Can choose the room type we wanted..
With the most updated room availability...

After the amount is calculated..
Just pay by cash,
Or redeem with your point.

You can straight away,
Collect your room keys here...
So easy, right?

Don't forget to collect your receipt,
For your own record purposes...

For this trip,
We're going to stay in the new Tower 2A...
Check-in in the kiosk,
Located right on the lobby of Tower 2A....
Hop over to my kor kor's blog...
For the view of latest stylish design,
Of our Annex Room......

Not to forget to mention also...
Self Check-out kiosk,
Is so much more convenient...
Just insert our key card...
And we're able to check out already..
As easy as 123...
Even 3-year-old baby prince like me,
Could help my parents to check out!~
Cool, isn't it?

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  1. Its so easy and convenient to check in directly from the kiosk. Save times

  2. this is so easy and convenient... do it yourself with no hassle... awesome really!!!

  3. hehe.. I love One World Hotel, nice to stay and nearby the F&B area. hope to go up soon with family.

  4. Self check in is great. At least we don't have to deal with slowness or long queue. So convenient

  5. i definitely prefer to do own check in with kiosk rather than line up at counter, especially with first world hotel being so huge.


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