Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Customize T-Shirt with Printcious.com

I just subscribed,
Printcious.com's newsletter..
After I browse through their website..

Without any hesitation,
I straightaway choose the category of gifts..
That I like most...
And start online shopping!~

I love the flexibility of...
Customized t-shirt...
I can choose whichever colours I like...
With any names on it!~
And it's so easy and convenient to order...

With just a few simple click,
The items I ordered,
Reach my doorstep..
In just a blink of eyes!~

 I ordered two customized t-shirts...

And they provide a full...
T-shirt care instructions...

How thoughtful they are!~

The cute cute girl's picture.......

And born to be a shinning star....

With our blog's name on it:

Looks superb isn't it?


  1. Yaaaayyy... loving it.....it sure is personalized and soooo pretty

  2. I just subscribe too! Gonna try out their product soon! :)

  3. I received the invitation too but yet to try it out lol. How's the t-shirt quality?


  4. Ah! Read about this service last week and so cute you'll get to do personalisation on it!

  5. wooo...u order T-shirt...it's look cute!!

  6. Nice design. I should order with my blog name. Look cool

  7. This is a great idea for birthday presents and doorgifts. Thanks for recommending the site.

  8. I also wait for my T-shirt (Printcious) so I tak sabar nak tengok it! :D I also designed on my own idea. Hope it will be nice when I get it from them!


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