Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar

Disney's "The Lion King"..
Continues with...
"The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar"
A Television movie premiering on..
20 March at 11am,
On Disney Channel (Astro CH 615)

The movie leads into
"The Lion Guard" television series,
Which will premiere on 17 April at 8:30am,
On Disney Channel (Astro CH615) as well..

In anticipation of the movie and series launch,
The search is on for kids across Southest Asia,
To showcase their best lion roars,
Via "Show Us Your Roar" campaign..
On Disney Channel Asia Facebook...


  1. Too bad I don't subscribe to Astro anymore. but i always love The Lion king cartoon ever since I was a child. i wonder how Lion Guard show is.

  2. Lion King is my favourite cartoon when I was small. Good to watch it again.

  3. awww my childhood fave :) it reminds me of those old good memories. good to watch it again!

  4. This is an awesome cartoon since I was small, dulu dulu tgnok sedih nak nangis tapi bila dah besar huhuh biar anak anak pula tengok... ada sambungan ke tu..banyak cartoon lama lama ada sambungan kan

  5. wah looking forward to this new TV series. my girls would love it

  6. I'm looking forward to bring my children to watch this movie. There's so many movies coming up this year as well. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. This cartoon is too cute and reminds us of Lion King... my daughter and I watched the movie the other going to watch more of this....

  8. Awh the children are so cute in the video! Plus I didn't know there was a continuation of The Lion King too - will look it up!

  9. My niece will love this, thanks for the info sharing :)

  10. i alway love the lion cartoon series!
    will sharing with my cousins

  11. I'm not a fan of this classic movie but the songs is damn good.

  12. not a big fan of this, maybe my son will love it


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