Monday, January 22, 2018

Fresh & White Toothpaste

Fresh & White Toothpaste,
Empowers Malaysians,
To Strengthen their teeth,
And Freshen their breath,
With double fluoride,
For triple protection!~

Signature variants of Fresh & White:
Fresh Cool Mint
With Sugar acid protection,
Cavity prevention,
Tooth enamel strengthening...
The strong minty cool taste,
And a mouthful feel of fresh cool mint,
Provides amazing wake-up call to mouth,
While strengthening teeth and freshening breath..

Fresh & White Extra Cool Mint,
Adds extra mint for extra coolness,
It is the coolest among all toothpaste in the market..
Fresh & White toothpastes do much more than,
Feel great and taste great...

The double fluoride and triple cavity protection formulation...
Makes teeth stronger for better dental health...

All Fresh & White toothpaste variants,
Are certified Halal by JAKIM...

According to Ms Loo Mei Fong,
Senior Brand Manager,
Marketing Division,
Southern Lion Sdn Bhd,
Fresh & White's innovative double fluoride for triple cavity protection,
Addresses consumers' growing demand,
For a better, value-for-money,
Tooth strengthening, breath-freshening toothpaste,
That is certified Halal...

Fresh & White toothpastes,
Are available nationwide,
In 70g, 100g, 160g, 225g and 225g twin-pack sizes,
With prices ranging from RM3.30 to RM14.95

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