Monday, September 22, 2014

Kleenex® Softness - A Malaysian Way Of Life

Knock knock!~
My door is knocking!~
Guess what?!~
I'd got special delivery,
From Kleenex....

I always love the way,
Kleenex show it's softness and love to us....
Especially when they really take the trouble,
To wrap up the special gift very patiently!~
Thank you for that gentle touch of delivery!~
Feel so warm the moment we received it!

We really love the new packaging,
Where we can insert and put in photo of our choice...

Whenever we need to take Kleenex tissue,
We can take a glimpse of the lovely photo...

Mummy didn't put photo,
But instead,
She choose to put a very special postcard,

She login to her facebook,
Go to Kleenex facebook,
And personally thanks her photographer friend,
Whom snapped this wonderful new born photo of me..
Which lead the talented painter to paint me!~

A very meaningful bonding,
Between mummy and her friends...
As well as mummy and me!~

A little softness and care,
Is all we need..."

I do look like,
I need a little more softness and care,
In this photo,
Don't I?

I always get all the care I need,
From the one I love most...

Let me demonstrate,
How to take the tissue,
From the new packaging..

It's easy peasy!~

I love it,
When mummy giving me,
A gentle touch on my face,

While she's wiping away,
All the dirt on my face,
She's wiping away,
All the sadness in my heart...

No more tears,
After using Kleenex Tissue..

What's left is only smile,
And lots of laughter!~

It's ticklish!~
And I really love the feeling!~

My kor kor and jie jie,
Is loving each other,
As much as how much I love them!~

Trust me,
It's easier to wipe each other face,
Than only selfishly thinking about our own self..

We put Kleenex tissue in our car,
We bring Kleenex tissue everywhere we go!~
For our Cuti-cuti Malaysia tour!~

We're going to spread the love,
Share the softness of Kleenex Tissue all the way!~

The journey is always more meaningful,
When your love ones is together with you!~

As Malaysians celebrate 
The establishment of the Malaysian federation 50 years ago, 
Kleenex® gives Malaysians a new way to mark the occasion – 
By performing simple acts of softness 
Through the Share the Softness campaign. 
The campaign aims to reach at least 10, 000 posts 
To create a tidal wave of softness among Malaysians!

From now until September 27, 
Kleenex invites Malaysians 
To express their care via Facebook 
With a simple tag 
And stand a chance to be rewarded 
With prizes worth RM10, 000.

These acts of softness take on a whole new meaning 
As every Facebook post also helps to contribute 
Towards OrphanCARE, 
A non-profit organisation 
That helps abandoned babies 
And orphans find loving homes.

Whether it’s a simple encouragement 
Or an invitation to catch up, 
A touch of softness can make someone feel treasured. 

To participate, 
All you have to do is ‘Like’ Kleenex® Malaysia’s Facebook page, 
Look out for the “Share The Softness” Facebook contest posts, 
And start sharing the softness. 
Tag a spouse, friend, family member, or neighbour 
In the comments section of the contest posts 
And let them know how much you care. 
Do include #kleenexsoftness too!

The most endearing messages 
Will win an exclusive, 
Limited edition Kleenex® Softness Pack 
And prizes like a Polaroid camera, 
Longchamp bag, Thomas Sabo bracelet, and more!

Not forgetting those who are less fortunate, 
Every Share the Softness post on Facebook 
Plus every purchase from the Kleenex® CSR product range 
Is equivalent to a RM0.50 donation to OrphanCARE; 
Just SMS in the unique code found in the Kleenex® products.

For more details on how to Share the Softness, 
Just log on to the Kleenex® Facebook page ( 
For more information on Kleenex®
Please call the Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line 
At 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free) 
On weekdays from 9am to 5pm.


  1. Waaa.... nak juga kleenex....

  2. Thank you! Maybe your Kleenex is on the way to your house, too!


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