Thursday, February 5, 2015

Apartment in Copthorne Hotel, Cameron Highlands

We went up to Cameron highlands...
For a short break,
During our long weekend holiday...

Didn't even know that,
Equatorial Hotel,
Is currently known as,
Copthorne Hotel.....

Love the huge thermometer,
Near the entrance of the hotel..

But we are staying in the apartment room,
Instead of the hotel room....

 Love the greenery,
Of the little garden...

And of course,
Lots of excitement,
When we see this playground...
Even though it's not very big one,
But we enjoyed ourselves,
Playing here!~

A simple view of  our apartment's bed...
Since this is not a hotel room's review..
This is the only photo inside our room,
That I'm going to share it out..

We started our journey,
With big moon on bright day light..
Guess what?!
When we discovered punctured tyres...
The moment we're about to start our journey,
To visit the farms in Cameron...
Daddy sorted out everything pretty fast..
And we get to enjoy the rest of our vacation...
Wonderfully and happily!~


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  1. may i know the quality and review about the apartments you stayed? cause i read the review and mostly all saying that the apartments are old and dirty. thanks.

  2. The apartment is not new...I'd use the word old as well...
    As for the unit I'm staying, won't consider it as dirty as the staff did do the cleaning up.

  3. Got fridge or microwave in the apartment? Can cook inside?

  4. Got fridge or microwave? Can cook inside?

  5. Sue, got fridge, but I think no microwave.... I didn't cook inside though, they got provide plates, cups etc...


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