Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Top 5 Items in Lazada

I always love to shop,
It's so convenient..
It delivers to my door steps...
It provides varieties to choose from...

I'd been browsing through..
And I wish to highlight..
Top 5 items I'll like to buy,
From Lazada!~

Me and my family,
Always love to travel...
Our old luggage is old,
And going to spoil soon..

Saw this beautiful blue diamond travel luggage!~
With very reasonable price!~
It looks so stylish and cute!~
With its durable yet flexible exterior...
And the most amazing part is,
It comes together with combination lock!~

I'll really love to help my daddy and mummy,
To 'carry' the travel luggage,
Since it looks so easy to push and pull...
With its retractable handle....
Plus 360 degree ultra silent 4 wheels system!~
This Korean Design Travel Luggage,
Is going to be little traveler's (That's me)  best friend...
My best accompaniment for all my future trips!~

I always love to play around,
With my daddy's laptop....
How I wish I could own one...
When I saw this Kids Laptop,
With 20 activities English Learner Machine...

I can learn alphabets,
I can learn words,
I can learn numbers,
I can learn musical notes play melodies,
I can learn to play games..

I can differentiate capital and small letters,
I can spell and pronounce words..
I can play and recognize musical notes,
I can have tests to gauge the knowledge gained...

It's going to be a perfect item,
For my coming soon birthday present!~

Lazada is currently having..
Mega Clearance Sale,
Where everything is selling,
Under RM50!~

I found a pretty nice pink handbag,
For my mummy!~
This tote by LZD,
Features a gold clasp fastening,
With matching zipper details,
And a faux suede lining!~
It looks so classy,
And match my mummy's trendy style perfectly!~

It's time for some improvement,
In our home & living...
I love the selection,
On February's Best Sellers Hot Picks...

I decided to have a makeover,
For my bed...
From Cotton Home,
Queen Fitted Sheet,
Set-300 thread count...
It's 100% cotton rich...
Cooling fabric without air-con...

The price is super duper reasonable,
After 55% discount!~

This CNY,
New clothes are not only for us...
My comfortable bed,
Time to change new clothes...
Gong Xi Fa Chai!~

Last but definitely not least...
On my 5th Top 5 Items in Lazada....
I found this 'hidden treasure',
Under Home Appliances category,
With CNY Clearance Sale!~
Items selling below RM188!~

Revealing the hidden gems:
Butterfly Pressure Cooker BPC-26A,
With 8.5L capacity..
And self-lock safety valve...

With more than 80 years of experience,
Is the brand we can trust!~
Rest assured,
This tough mighty cooker,
Will never crack under pressure!~
There's a convenient window,
To let the cook,
To peek into cooking,
To ensure if it's done..
No need to lift up the lid,
And lose all those precious cooking pressure!~
Sounds cool isn't it?

Mummy is going to cook,
More yummilicious food,
For each and everyone of us!~
This Butterfly pot,
Will assist her,
To speed up her cooking,
And serve just in time,
For all our delightful guests!~
You're all welcome...
To our house...
To taste my mummy's home-cooked food!~


If you do check the photos I enclosed,
You'll realized....
Instead of spending RM856.90,
I just need to pay RM324.00...
For all the Top 5 Items that I'll buy....
Such an awesome great savings!!!~

So, what are you waiting for?
Hop over to shop now!~

Happy online shopping!!!

You can check out the products at Lazada
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