Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bukit Puchong Snoopy -The Peanuts Gathering

Meeting Snoopy,
At Bukit Puchong,
The good life starts here...
Dream Big...
The home of adventure...
With The Peanuts Gathering...

Transformation of
Bukit Puchong Sales Gallery,
Into a Snoopy Wonderland of sorts..
With a hive of activity,
For the entire family..

 "We are aware that our operations,
Make a mark on the neighbourhood,
And community at learge...
We see it as our responsibility,
To make this mark a positive one.
Besides offering the best in property and infrastructure,
We also hold the community in high regard,
Which was what led us,
To hold this event,
Especially during school holidays,"
Said Wong Chiew Meng,
General Manager,
Bukit Hitam Development...

Join contests and interesting activities,
To win cute Snoopy merchandises!~

Workshops and colouring,
At the kids area...

 Had a great glance..
At Bukit Puchong's neighbourhood's
Town planning!~

Their show house,
Is pretty cosy and comfy!~

Epic, Type C

For more information,
Visit http://www.bukitpuchong.com.my
Or http://www.facebook.com/bandarbukitpuchong

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