Monday, December 21, 2015

Scholastic Disney School Skills Learning Mats

Learning maths is much more easier,
With Disney School Skills Learning Mats..
Let's Learn Number Sense....

Little kiddo like me..
Tend to get attracted,
And have more interest to learn,
When I'm learning with,
My favourite Disney characters!~

It's truly fun,
To count together with Donald and Daisy,
It's truly interesting,
To write numbers together with Mickey and Minnie!~

Consists of 7 two-sided,
Write-and-wipe mats..
To assist mummy teaching me...
To have a better understanding of..
Numbers, counting and visualizing numbers...

I can write and erase and write again..
With lots of repetition and practice,
Everything will be perfectly done!~

It is created by experts,
To help children master,
Key strategies and skills,

Disney School Skills series,
Is a powerful learning tool,
Designed to help kiddos succeed!~

It comes together with,
Parental guide and answer key...
Plus one marker...

 I totally can feel the bonding..
And how much mummy loves me..
When she holds my hand..
To guide me to write properly....

I know...
I still don't know the correct way,
To hold my pen aka marker....

But I strongly believe,
Practices make perfect!~

For more information on Scholastic Books,
Kindly visit Scholastic website,


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  1. Great information! Shared this to my sister.

  2. should see the way i hold pen are doing just fine dear! keep it up!

  3. Looks good for children! Will suggest to friends who have child..

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips. It really helps kids pick up math.

  5. Such a good way to guide the kids through. hehe. Nice way to have fun too

  6. Thanks for informed, gonna share this to my friend.

  7. This is very good. An easy way to teach the kids on math from young. Start from young, they say, right? :)

  8. This is a creative and interactive way of learning for the children.

  9. my little one is starting to write, i think this book will be great for him too

  10. Children learning process is very fast especially they been teach since young. Children have good memory when towards number.

  11. awesome! nowadays its so much easier for kids to learn, with all the extra tools.


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