Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monster University @ Sunway Pyramid

It's really so cool...
For a baby like me...
To go to a University!!!~~~~

To be exact:
Monster University!~

Let me give you a little tour,
Around my Monster University!~

What do you expect to see,
In Monster University?
Tons and tons of books in the library?
There's lots and lots of monster toys!~
In this particular University!~
Super cool for kiddos, right?

There's Monsters inside!!!

They're totally not scary at all!~
Meet Mike and Sully!~
Oh yes!
They're no longer exist only in the cartoon, tv or cinema....
You can see them in your real life!!!
And you can even take photograph with them!~

What's the biggest contest held,
In Monster University?
Come on!~
Show your scariest face,

That's it?
Of course not...
There's a lot more activities and workshops,
Coming up in Sunway Pyramid's Monster University!~
Just be a part of it...
And join the fun!~

Feeling hungry?
There's a number of Monster Jelly cake to choose from!~
This 3-tier Monster cake is my favourite!~

Time to join Safety Ranger Workshop!~
Hop over to my jie jie's blog...
To find out my siblings' journey of being freshie, senior,
And then graduated from Monster University!~

See ya around!~
@ Monster University, Sunway Pyramid!~

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