Thursday, September 26, 2013

Incredible Journey of Growing Up Together with Friso Gold

Upon arrival,
I took a wonderful incredible 'Friso Gold' Journey...
With Friso Gold staffs~~~~~~

Exploring Royal FrieslandCampina's farm,
Owned by over 20,000 farmers in Holland~~~
Forming the world's second largest dairy cooperative.....
This ownership comes with,
Commitment and quality control,
Of the entire supply chain,
To ensure consistency in quality,
From the direct source of the milk,
To its production and packaging process,
All the way until it is ready to be consumed....
By children and mothers all around the world...

I'd really hope...
To visit this super huge farm in Holland,
Inhaling the freshest air of all........
And exploring the whole production of 'nen nen'~~~~~
That's been and hopefully,
Will continue growing up together with me:-
Friso Gold!~

According to Ms. Anja Henze,
Marketing Director of Dutech Lady Milk Industries Berhad,
"Friso Gold believe that,
The journey of growing up,
Is one of life's most unique experiences...
That's why~~~
Friso Gold encourage both parents and children,
To embrace these experiences,
And share the precious moments,
Of growing up together~~~~~"

Ms Anja, 
Together with celebrity mothers:
Beautiful Ms Sazzy Falak,
And stylish Ms Belinda Chee......
Officially launched Friso Gold New Pak....

Newly improved formula,
Fully imported from Holland....
With 'Grass to Glass' Assurance...
To make sure every drop of milk,
Is safe for children...

An interview session,
With Consultant Paediatrician,
Dr Khoo Phaik Choo,
And celebrity mothers:
Sazzy Falak, Belinda Chee,
Putri Azalea Ramli and Low Ngai Yuen....

Actress & TV host Sazzy Falak,
Shared about her style of parenting,
With her pair of twins: Iman Lily and Tiara Rose....

Actress & TV host Belinda Chee,
Shared her concern for her daughter Danielle....
To be stronger from the inside...
To enjoy her growing up journey....

Low Ngai Yuen,
Who used to be a TV host and film producer,
Is currently directore of Kakiseni..
And mother to her four children aged 1 to 9 years old...
She remarked:
The most rewarding about being a mother is....
She gets to journey through life,
With the companionship,
Of 4 wonderful children...

Designer and creative director of PU3,
Putri Azalea Ramli,
Ensures she spend some time everyday,
To play with her son Alriz...

Consultant Paediatrician, Dr Khoo Phaik Choo,
Shared her expertise,
On strengthening a child's natural body resistance~~~

As an act of support to Friso Gold's movement,
All mothers at the launch event,
Including the celebrity moms,
Donned on the "Be a G.U.T. Mom" badge...
Pledging their commitment and support.....

The journey of growing up together (G.U.T)
Is a once-in-a-lifetime event..
Spend more time with your children,
So that the bond you share remains as strong..
Together with Friso Gold...
"Be a G.U.T. Mom" today..
And create wonderful 'Growing Up Together' memories,
That you'll cherish throughout the years....

I'm really glad and proud,
As my mummy is one of Friso Gold's G.U.T mom~~~
Moms who are interested to pledge your commitment,
And support to "Be a G.U.T. Mom' movement,
Can go to Friso Gold Malaysia Facebook,
To download its profile badge....

For more information about Friso Gold,
Or contact the Friso Careline,
At 1800-88-1647 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am - 4:30am).
Follow Friso Gold on facebook!~


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