Monday, September 30, 2013

Ninetology U9Z1+ vs. Sony Xperia Z Ultra

For the first time ever,
Little Baby Prince will be reviewing........
Not only one,
But two handphones together:-
The latest Ninetology's U9Z1+
Sony Xperia Z Ultra !~

You must be wondering,
What would a baby knows about phones?!~
Let me show you what I know~~~~~~

First comparison:
The Size:
Very obviously shown in the photo,
Ninetology's U9Z1+ is much more smaller,
But Sony Xperia Z Ultra is slightly slimmer...

Which one is better?
It'd depends on what you want from your phone..
If you want to see larger image,
Or perhaps to slap a bad guy with your phone,
Sony Xperia Z Ultra would definitely be a good choice........
If you wish to carry a handy, lighter phone,
You'd probably prefer U9Z1+

Checklist of what's in the unit:
Of course, not to be miss out: smartphone U9Z1+
A black headset,
USB Cable,
USB Adapter head...
2x Pouch...
SKROSS World USB Charger..
+ Nintology Powerbank!~
That's a lot of accessories!~

Sony Xperia Z Ultra's set consists of:
The smartphone - Sony Xperia Z Ultra,
Pure white headset,
4 Additional Ear Piece,
USB Cable,
USB Adapter Head........
That's it!~

Let's see what's inside the cover for U9Z1+....
A place to put in two Sim Cards...
+ Micro SD....
For Sony Xperia Z Ultra,
Just slip in on the side of the slim phone...

Summary of U9Z1+:
CNC Aluminium - Simplicity design...
Full Aluminium Mid-Housing Bezel - Ultimate protection...
1.2Ghz Quad Core Processor - Unsurpassed performance!
16:9 HD Video
High-sensitive Gorilla Glass Touch Panel..
13 MP Main Camera + 5 MP Front Camera

For full details information of U9Z1+,
Kindly visit here.....

Summary of Sony Xperia Z Ultra:
Ultra slim, lightweight (212g) and waterproof!~
Ultra entertainment. Ultra business. An ultra experience!
6.4" Triluminos Display with X-Reality for mobile..
Full HD 1080p
342 Pixels per inch
8 MP camera fast-capturing camera with 16x digital zoom

For full details information of Sony Xperia Z Ultra,
Kindly visit here.......

Love the design and performance of U9Z1+ 
Sony Xperia Z Ultra's speaker is really superb!~
Waterproof function is really cool, too!~
Can I own both the phones, daddy?!~

U9Z1+: RM1299
Sony Xperia Z Ultra: RM2300

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