Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Little Prodigy

Joined My Little Prodigy Contest,
Organized by Parkson....

Happily announced that,
Me as Charlie Chaplin:-
The 2nd Prize Winner!!!!

Photo shooting done at home.....
Wearing Chaplin's hat hand-made by my daddy,
Wearing tuxedo passing down by my kor kor,
Having my face make up done by my jie jie and mummy,
Playing piano with the SMILE score preparing by my mummy....
Written by, of course, the well-famous Charlie Chaplin...
Acting Charlie Chaplin movie of the new prodigy~~~~~~~~

Special thanks to beautiful talented Ivy jie jie......
For combining all my photos together~~~~~
And comes up with the most perfect photo montage,
Telling a tale of the new prodigy - ME~~~~~

Daddy and mummy comes out with a W-O-W!~
When they first saw the photo montage.....
Mummy straight away develop the photos out in A4 size x2..
One sending over to participate in the contest...
One framing up and nicely hanged in our home sweet home!~

Do hop over to Tell A Tale website,
Or Tell A Tale - Your life is a Storybook facebook page,
To view more of her amazingly done unique storybook!~

We enjoyed the whole process:
From working together,
Preparing the materials,
Dressing up as little prodigy...
To our very own photo shooting session....
Until enjoying the whole outcome!~
We think we already won...
The most wonderful prize:
Perfect family bonding moments!~~~~

2nd prize from Parkson,
Is really a super duper big bonus for us!!!~~~
Thank you very much!!!!!!~~

I was featured on The Star Newspaper,
Dated 4 September 2013~~~~~~


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